Kanye West says the Republican Party Freed The Slaves

Kanye West says at one of his recent ‘Church On Sunday’ events. That “the Republican Party Freed The Slaves.” Now most of us know this to be true. Nonetheless, anytime you bring up this matter to any liberal in the country, they revert to the old talking point of, yes that is true but there was a Party Switch.

Honestly, this should be laughable to scholars today, yea, all the racist just up and said you know what I am not racist no more and all the non-racist said, you know what, I am racist now. The fact that this lie is actually in history books and taught all around America at public schools should tell you a lot about why our students at these educational institutions are under performing today. https://www.kanyewest.com/

The switch is a myth, I break it down in this video, but not just the myth of the switch. Who started the civil war? What was the true reason? There was no north verses the south, it was the Democrats Verses the Republicans and if we knew true history maybe we wouldn’t be headed down the path to repeating it as we are right now today. https://newsone.com/3831339/kanye-west-white-house-transcript/

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