I listened to Kevin Samuels show frequently, I was a fan of his work. I was most intrigued by an elder Black Man speaking unfiltered, uncontrolled, unbiased his truth. A Black Man speaking publicly about some of the most controversial issues of the day. Never in American history has this ever occurred! Nonetheless, if you go to twitter or any of the blog sites they are dragging his name in the mud, mainly because he spoke the truth about issues that as a Black man you are not allowed to speak on.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10

Truthfully, his sudden passing is a wake up call and a reminder to me personally that life is short. Whatever it is that you are going to do, do it now. He will be remembered as a Man who spoke to the poor and fatherless. What a legacy.

““Do not take advantage of the widow or the fatherless. If you do and they cry out to me, I will certainly hear their cry.” Exodus 22:22-23

Watch the video as I go in more detail about “Kevin Samuels a Father to the Fatherless.”