Las Vegas passes bill that Bans Homeless people from sleeping on the streets

Las Vegas passes bill that Bans homeless people from sleeping on the streets. The new ordinance, passed at a contentious council meeting, makes it a misdemeanor for homeless people to camp or sleep on the streets if beds at established shelters are available. The new restrictions would apply to certain parts of the city’s downtown area.

Personally I do believe this is a step in the right direction, it is not perfect but a step. Mayor Goodman mentioned that this homeless problem has gotten out of control and anyone who has visited Downtown Las Vegas knows exactly what she is talking about.

People are afraid to go inside some businesses because of all the homeless people sleeping outside or standing outside of the front door, and if you are a tourist on vacation, don’t get lost downtown Fremont street. We have all heard the stories.

This bill at least will give folks that are homeless who do not want to be the resources and an incentive to go get the resources needed in order to get them off the streets.

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