I recently have made the statement that it’s time for Black People to leave America. I went on to explain how this would be best for not just America, for the entire western world. In this video I discuss America’s original sin slavery. It hangs over her head, it weighs on many of the people here constantly and if we are just being honest, there will never be true peace and harmony in this land until it is addressed properly. The solution is giving those who the descendants of slaves back their original homeland. Then the world will be at peace and no war noRead More →

It’s time that We create a Homeland for ourselves. A place where we can feel safe, a place where we are the employers, a place where we create the laws and the constitution. This is the only solution to having justice and peace in America. The racial divide right now is as far wide as I have ever seen it. According to the scriptures it will only get worst. The end result is that God places us in a homeland that is our own. I know many are weary, I know many are anxious and some are even doubtful. Yet in the words of PresidentRead More →

When I first made this statement many weeks ago. Believe it or not, most of the White American’s pleaded with me to stay, they gave me some kind of speech about honoring the sacrifice of those who came before me. Just a few weeks later, there is massive riots, and chaos in the streets. Now their sentiment has changed. Many of them are now saying, what I thought they would say from the beginning and that’s “Leave now,” “We will pack your bags.” I completely understand how politics work, I have a degree in political science and thanks to God, I have been on bothRead More →

To Die Defending Your People is Honorable. I’m not inciting violence, nor am I telling you to create any chaos. However, if someone puts their hands on you, your family or your friends. It is your God given right and your constitutional right to defend yourself.Read More →

We are honestly at a crossroads in America. I know it’s an election year and I understand that these shootings become more politicized and polarizing. Nonetheless, it’s another death of another Unarmed Black Man at the hands of another White Police Officer. I’d first like to thank those White American Police Officers whom I have seen speak out against this, and many other civilians as well. Yet, I hate to say this, but it comes for many of us, as a little too late. This has gone on for too long in America. How much longer are we to endure this persecution? The FBI statisticsRead More →

President Trump said “In America we need more prayer, not less.” He went on to say that if the liquor stores are essential, if abortion clinics are essential and some restaurants considered essential, know that “faith and worship” is essential to many people in America. Trump was honestly Preaching and I loved every word of it.Read More →

Life is meaningless without Christ in your life. Coming out of quarantine, I hope we all have on our minds the life changing, world changing events that have just taken place. We can leave this pandemic running back to our lives as we knew them or we can choose to finally, after all these years submit ourselves to the will of God. Will you enter back into the world the same way you went in it or are you intent on going back out a new man or woman in Christ Jesus. This life is only, but a short stay. Therefore if any man beRead More →