I watched many Mega Church Pastors preach to empty seats this past week due to the coronavirus, I noticed how their messages lacks power and relevance. These same churches during “Spring” time will tell you to pray to God for a Car, God will deliver a business to you, God can fix your credit. However, today they are silent on God healing this nation. God is revealing to us that “The Churches Watered Down Preaching has No Power During a Crisis.” Check out this message.Read More →

We can’t be killed by the Coronavirus. I know, I know you’ve heard about Kevin Durant catching this virus and others. However, I know with 100% certain that we can not be killed. I mean the true Israelite’s. The entire world knows who we are except us, the Americans a few European nations, but most of the world in 100% aware that we are the people of the book. Ask the Russians, they will tell you, ask the Iranians they will tell you, those in India will tell you, those in Venezuela will tell you, many in Africa know, and many more. So what doesRead More →

I was going to name this message, when giants fall. After ending my congressional bid that’s how I felt. Like I had fallen, though I wasn’t defeated at the polls I was defeated nonetheless. God gave me this message saying “Even in Defeat, Know that you are a Giant.” There’s been so many times in my life where I may have felt depressed, sadden, or unhappy. Yet there’s not too many times where I felt defeated. After a loss, it’s difficult to navigate your way back, God took me to the story of Samson, a great warrior who was defeated by his enemies. Yet evenRead More →

Would you be opposed to electing Police Officers? We already elect our Lawmakers, why not elect our Law Enforcers? This would undoubtedly eliminate a lot of the racial tensions in cases involving the Police Departments in America.  Currently the Police Departments have no way of being held accountable by the communities that they Police. If an unarmed man is shot and killed, that officer is only held accountable by his/her superiors. Nonetheless, this is supposed to be a free society. A Government For the People, by the People. A Representative Government. How is it possible that we elect the LawMakers, those who literally create theRead More →

As a Veteran myself who struggled tremendously after returning home from War in Iraq to becoming a civilian. This bill is dear to my heart. My Veteran Transition Bill would require all Active Duty Military to serve 2 to 4 years in the National Guard, Army Reserves, Navy Reserves or some Reservatist Unit before discharging from active duty.  When I left the Military, the biggest problem I had was the culture shock of transitioning back into civilian life. The Reserve Forces would allow for the slow integration of Soldiers back into society while still providing Soldiers with some structure of the Active Duty Military. MostRead More →