Kanye West sat down recently with Big Boy TV and said that Black America are Culture-less, matter a fact he said we are culture vultures. The statement begs to differ why don’t we have a culture? All peoples of the earth have a culture, all peoples of the earth came from somewhere, created something? Where is our culture? Using historical and biblical facts Pastor Leo Dunson explains how we are Lost Sheep and Orphans as Kanye put it. Yet Leo details scriptural facts describing that we are not culture-less, we are just lost sheep whom do not know their culture. We are on the peopleRead More →

Who needs their minds more renewed than us? In our culture being butt naked on Instagram in the normal. In our culture we celebrate the shooter and not the one who turns the shooter in. In our culture we spend all we have and save nothing. In our culture we are renters and not owners. In our culture we are employees and not employers. Who needs theirs minds more renewed than us? We have unwavering and undying loyalty to the things that kill us. We need our minds renewed. God knew we would be living in a time such as this. Which is why inRead More →

Kanye West says at one of his recent ‘Church On Sunday’ events. That “the Republican Party Freed The Slaves.” Now most of us know this to be true. Nonetheless, anytime you bring up this matter to any liberal in the country, they revert to the old talking point of, yes that is true but there was a Party Switch. Honestly, this should be laughable to scholars today, yea, all the racist just up and said you know what I am not racist no more and all the non-racist said, you know what, I am racist now. The fact that this lie is actually in historyRead More →

Maybe I live in a fantasy world, a world where love reign free. When I proposed to my future wife recently, I have no idea that there was a stigma of not “Proposing” at someone else’s wedding. I had no idea that some folks find this rude. Nonetheless, though my cousin who was the Bride planned this proposal with me. I might be the only person in the whole world that believes this is a selfish way of thinking? Why wouldn’t you want someone to propose on your day? Wouldn’t you want your love on displayed to inspire others? Shouldn’t you be grateful that someoneRead More →

When I say that we need reconciliation, I’m talking about the fact that we have money in many cases, but our Renters instead of owners, Employees instead of Employers. When I take of reconciliation I’m talking about “Ownership.” I’m talking about the fact that it’s us who typically burn down our own neighborhoods, trash our own local store communities. Reconciliation is about the fact that it’s us who typically shoot each other at a higher rate than how we are shot by the Police. The form of reparations advocated for currently as I explain in the video will not make us better off but inRead More →

This was an awesome event. The goal of #MakeBlackAmericaGreat is in the words. There was a time when Black America was great, when we had little to no crime, when poverty was on the decline, when families were together not separate, when we owned instead of renting, where business flourished. So my intention is only to get us back to those times. It’s interesting to me to hear people say, why call it Black. Are not Black Americans being shot at record numbers in Chicago? Are not Black Americans suffering from high poverty? Is it not now common knowledge of the disparities in our educationalRead More →