I have to say publicly, yesterday I became a fan of Killer Mike. If his music is even half as good as his political views then I will probably be a fan of that as well soon. I know he supported Bernie Sanders in the past and may still be a supporter, but the things he is currently talking about I can 100% get behind.Read More →

A group of men tired of the crime in their community. Have made the decision to patrol their neighborhood themselves armed. They call themselves community engagement activists. I personally am glad to see this, we need this in Oakland, Baltimore, Chicago and so many other high crime areas in Inner City America. The Community Engagement Activist are also cleaning up the areas of this neighborhood with beautification days and helping families with school supplies.Read More →

If you live long enough, you will learn. That most people who stay in the same circumstances, want to be in those situations. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to change. Many opportunities to get ahead. However, many of them love the idea of being the victim, some of them thrive off the empathy of others. There’s always an excuse, I was born poor, my mother wasn’t in my life, I don’t have the money right now, it’s a bad time for me, I don’t have any help, “We Were Slaves,” the “White Man” holding me back, Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. God said of those types ofRead More →

The number one question, I get asked more than anything is “What is Black Conservatism?” Black Conservative, the definition as taught in grade school, is in the words. Black is an identity of people in America, mostly the ancestors of slaves. Conservative is a Political philosophy or ideology mostly compromising of Limited Government, Personal Accountability, Fiscal Responsibility, Freedom & Liberty. So Black Conservatism, should be the combining of those words, a people who identify themselves as Black or African American, however adhering to the Conservative ideologies. Take for For Example, limited Government, America is the most policed state in the world, and it’s not evenRead More →

Reparations, should the Black Ancestors of Slaves be paid reparations? In my opinion this is a no brainier, if a debt is owed there is always going to be tension between those involved until it is paid. The problem with reparations is that even the Americans who took so called “Black Americans” from Africa never promised to pay them anything. It was for all intensive purposes “kidnap.” There is no amount of dollars that can amount to the trauma of those who were kidnapped. There is no dollar amount we can place on the legislative policies enforced after slavery coined as “Jim Crow Laws.” (WhichRead More →