Black Conservative Summit hosted by Brandon Tatum & Candace Owens via Turning Point USA. There were so many attendees to include: David Harris Jr, Hotep Jesus, Megan Harris, the Hayes Brothers, James T Harris, Amazing Lucas, Will Johnson, Anthony Brown Logan, Jermain Botsio, Kevin’s Corner, Terrence K. Williams, Leo Dunson and many many more. An event designed to bring likeminded Black Conservatives together with a unified message. This event launched BLEXIT. The Black Exit from the Democrat Party.Read More →

There Was No Switch Between the Democrat Party & the Republican Party in the 1960s. In 1964 the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate, along with a Democrat President. What is shocking is there was a debate, wait if the Democrats were for the Black man! Why was there any debate? Why wouldn’t these Civil Rights Activist Democrats just pass the legislation through both houses, without any Republican Support? Nonetheless as your notice below with the voting patterns that was far from the truth. It’s simple, the Democrats didn’t want the Civil Rights Act, in fact they had to be bargained into votingRead More →

Sometimes people ask me, what is it that I stand for. What is my mission? My mission is to bring Black Americans off of the “Thought Plantation,” lead by our captors the Democrat Party. However, this is a difficult task to do, given liberals own all the TV stations, all of the major social media platforms, all of the entertainers work for them, it is literally an up hill battle. Nevertheless, before I die even if I only bring one to consciousness, I believe I have done the will of the Lord and completed my task here on earth. You have a choice.Read More →

I did a video analysis of the State of Black America after President Trump had completed his first year term of office. Black Unemployment had fallen to the lowest it had ever been recorded in the history of Blacks in America. Black Homeownership was on the rise, Black Business Ownership jumped 400%, yes I said that number correctly 400% increase in Black Businesses. Not to mention the President later passed Criminal Justice Reform and signed an Executive Order specifically geared at uplifting Black Communities only, called the Urban Revitalization Act. Black Americans still have a long way to go to catch up with other ethnicRead More →

If you know me, you know that I am a student of history, but more important than anything, I am a seeker of the truth. No matter what the truth is. In this video below, these young brothers break down a shocking but informative revelation using biblical scriptures to make the claim that the “Negro” or ” so called “African Americans”are not from Africa at all. Watch the video below and comment with your thoughts. More →

Can anyone dispute or refute the claims he has made in this video? Any scriptures that you have please provide them below. I have yet to have anyone dispute what this man has listed with scripture. Many have made comments. Many have been outraged. However, I have heard no one, using the BIBLE, actual scripture refute what this man said here. That is very interesting. Markowitz, Fran. “Israel as Africa, Africa as Israel: ‘Divine Geography’ in the Personal Narratives and Community Identity of the Black Hebrew Israelites.” Anthropological Quarterly, vol. 69, no. 4, 1996, pp. 193–205. JSTOR, Accessed 5 Feb. 2020. More →