Nikki Haley says the Confederate Flag was a symbol of “Service, Sacrifice and Heritage”

My entire Adult life, the Republicans have believed in history that they were the Confederates and that the Democrats were the Patriots. Only recently have we all learned the Truth. That the Republicans were in fact the Patriots and the Democrats were the Confederates.

In a recent interview with Glenn Beck, former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley reflects on the mass shooting of the Black Church. The shooter has a manifesto that involved the use of the confederate flag. Nikki Haley says to Glenn Beck that the shooter misrepresented the Confederate Flag, before his racist shooting spree the Confederate Flag for people was a symbol of “Service, Sacrifice and Heritage.” The obvious question that Glenn Beck should of asked, was FOR WHAT PEOPLE?

The Nazi Flag is a Symbol of Service, Sacrifice and Heritage for some people, so is the communist flag and any other flag you can think of. However, to others the flag is a symbol of hate, racism, pro-slavery and captivity.

I go on a long rant in this video about this blunder, this is part of the huge disconnect between blacks and the Republican party, I honestly forgot to mention that because I was ranting for so long, but it is comments like these that make Black folks stay voting Democrat.

Nonetheless, I do wish that Black folks wouldn’t vote for people because they like them, but more because of the values issues and policy’s that would be best for them. Whether or not the person implementing those policy’s agrees or disagrees with you on religion, social issues, or even racist symbols in this case.

Check out the video and let me know what you think?

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