President Trump has a 45% Approval Rating Among Hispanics

Wow, this was actually a shocking number for me. We all know his Black approval rating is about 15%, 35% among black Men, but Hispanics overall support President Trump.

This was an article done by Real Clear Politics, where they outlined many of the reasons why the President has such a high approval rating among Hispanics. The article details three reasons, the Economy, Illegal Immigration and Social Issues.

Now when you hear Illegal Immigration, it doesn’t normally come to mind to most folks, but Hispanic Americans have a very low approval of the “Catch & Release” program. In fact most would prefer that those caught at the border be turned around immediately. Studies show that it is the Hispanic America Community that is hit the hardest from illegal immigration.

I speak on this poll as well as why I myself voted for the President and why so far he continues to have my support.

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