President Trump Retweets Leo Dunson Post during the Super Bowl

It all started as a response to a super bowl ad taking out by the Trump Campaign. Leo Dunson thought the ad to be very good, so good that he even tweeted after watching it “I was holding back the tears.” The ad features one of President Trumps signature accomplishments in Criminal Justice Reform. Many Presidents in the past have aimed at reducing the amount of non-violent prisoners and also at reducing the recidivism rates of reentry. The First Step Criminal Justice Reform Act intends to mend both of those challenges.

Nonetheless, Leo went on to tweet very controversially, ” The Republican Party my whole life has ignored Black America. This President continues to prove over and over again through action. That he is a President OF ALL AMERICA.” Dunson wasn’t intending to take a shot at the Republican Party, but more to give praise to the fantastic job President Trump has done with courting the Black Vote. It was this tweet that President Trump retweeted.

It was like the earth stopped moving for just a second. We shouldn’t be surprised at all, Trump has proven in the past to go against the grain. When the grain is the truth. That’s all Leo spoke, was the truth. As a Republican, Mr. Dunson hopes to help the party mend the gap it has had in Black Voter turn out. Before announcing his bid for Congress, Dunson along with other Black Conservative activist. Held several events in the Black Community, highlighting policy’s and issues held by the Republican party that could help uplift Black American Communities.

Leo said of the retweet by the President ” I’m just a poor kid born in the Inner Cities of America. Went to the United States Army to try and make something of myself. Came back from War as a Homeless Veteran, struggling to transition back into society.

To have the President of the United States retweet me is FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE. Thank You Sir.”

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