President Trump said “You Don’t Need To Like Me, In Order to Vote For Me”

We are literally living in a time where people promote and vote people based on their perception of that persons character or their relationship with them. There used to be a time in business, where the right man for the job was hired.

President Trump, took jobs at his detractors in this statement, by making it clear, that “You don’t need to like him, in order to vote for him.” He went on to describe the job he has done, describe the success he has had.

This lead me to think about the results he has had as President. Why have some many of our politicians not brought us back results? There’s representatives that have been in office 30 years straight. Yet their constituency continues to vote for them, because of the relationship they have with the candidate and not because of the results the candidate has delivered for them.

Check out the video and tell me what you think below about the Presidents lasted comments.

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