Rep. Matt Gaetz files ethics complaint against Pelosi for State of the Union tantrum

If you don’t know by now. President Trump gave his 3rd State of the Union address the other day in probably the most divided, partisan and pressured fill House of Representatives in United States history. However, even with the back drop of impeachment still looming, the President delivered his best speech to date.

It was filled with many of his accomplishments as well as legislative successes. The speech was filled with optimism about school choice, when a mother and her daughter stood to receive a scholarship to allow her daughter to be able to go to a school in a better neighborhood. Joy as well all cheered the Veterans (Well we all cheered except the Democrats) We cheered the Veterans and Soldier who surprised his family coming home early from a deployment and we all wept seeing a man diagnosed with cancer receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom for a lifetime dedicated to alternative media.

The night would of most likely went without a hitch. Nonetheless, Nancy Pelosi in very dramatic fashion decided to rip up the President’s speech that was handed to her before. She stood behind him as he ended his speech, tearing page, by page, by page in very dramatic fashion for all the media and the world to see.

Never in my lifetime have I seen something more damaging to our democracy than this. Could you imagine if John Boehner or Paul Ryan had ripped up the #StateOftheUnion speech behind President Obama. The media would of went nuts, calling them racist, unpatriotic. The whole country would of demanded they be censored. Yet for Nancy, the media has been mostly quiet in and many cases celebrating the disgusting act.

Luckily we have a Patriotic Rep. Matt Gaetz, who by the day I am starting to like more and more. He stands for conservatives values and the integrity of our democratic institutions like not many in the chamber. He wrote via his twitter: “I’m filing an ethics complaint against @SpeakerPelosi for destroying @realDonaldTrump’s State of the Union speech,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, Florida Republican.

The congressman believe that Nancy Pelosi could of potentially violated House rule of law (18 USC 2071). Let’s hope this at the very least has her censored.

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