Should Amber Guyger Had Been Sentenced for Murder or Manslaughter?

In this video I break down my thoughts on the recent Amber Guyger case. Which resulted in the death of Botham Jean. The trial went on for a little over a week, but it was polarize by racial tension throughout the entire hearing. Many Black Americans calling for blood, while many others looking on hoping that whatever the verdict, doesn’t cause a riot or uproar.

I tried to bring a solution, its a solution that if you have been following me, you have heard before. It is my proposal on Police Reform, I have proposed the Election of Every Police Law Enforcement Officer. Currently in America all Law Makers are elected, many of them have to live in the district from which they patrol, most of the time the constituency elects someone whom they believe can best represent them in the making of laws.

Why should law enforcers, be any different from law makers? Currently the Police Departments in America have little to almost no accountability from the people and it is my contention that we will forever continue to see racially polarized shootings, trials, sentencing, enforcing and interactions until we deal with this problem.

Black America in my opinion are not properly represented in the police force. There was once a saying, Taxation without Representation. That is currently on display in America today in regards to the Police Department.

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