President Trump on Historically Black Colleges Verses former President Obama an HBCUs

In my latest video entitled “The State of Black America Under President Trump (1st year). I mentioned the non-existent relationship between then President Obama and the Historically Black Colleges of America. Many Black Americans have commented stating that it was a false statement. So I decided to lay down some literary facts for all to see.

Just months after taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama did not push to renew a temporary $85 million pot of money earmarked for HBCUs by his Republican predecessor George W. Bush.

“Why is it that a recalcitrant Bush would do more for HBCUs than an ostensibly sympathetic Obama would?” wrote economist Julianne Malveaux, then president of North Carolina’s Bennett College.

The Obama administration was quick to point out that it had opted instead to put a larger sum into general grant programs that put more federal money into the coffers of the nation’s institutions of higher education, including HBCUs  and also while easing the financial burden on students.

However, those increases went disproportionately to non-HBCUs. Between 2000 and 2008, HBCUs received on average 3.5 percent of federal money going to institutions of higher education. An as you can see by 2013, in the graph displayed below, that trend continued throughout the Obama Administration.

So now that we have laid the ground work, it should be noted that you can read more excepts from this article above at (The Undefeated). Hopefully I have with little effort at all proven that then President Barack Obama for some reason or another was not a fan of Historically Black Colleges and did not support them at all.

Now let’s look at what President Trump has done and proposed.


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