The Deep State Wanted A War & It Looks Like they will get it

Who benefits from a War with Iran? Do you have any interest in Iran? Do you have property there? Do you own any oil fields? Do you own any gun factories or warehouses? Who benefits from War? I can’t believe the American people are falling for this propaganda again, hook line and sinker. The same intelligence agency’s that are giving us this information on Iran, just a week ago said they overheard President Trump on the phone conducting a Quid Pro Quo.

The Average Everyday American’s Children will be the ones who goes over to fight and die in these wars. They will come back to Homelessness, PTSD and a Thank You for your service. At the very least I hope we OVER PAY THE SOLDIERS WHO WILL FIGHT AND TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS, FOR ONCE, WHEN THEY RETURN HOME. 

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