The State of Black America

We Voted and we now have the people in office that they advised us before the election would help us. The people from the same party that we have voted for the last 100 years. Another Police Shooting of an unarmed Black Man, this time a teenager, another riot after his death, another march after the riot. The State of Black America appears to be going in circles, going in cycles. There’s a bible scripture that says “There’s nothing new under the sun” we are literally doing the same things we did last year. We still have the highest amounts of people in poverty, we still have widespread crime in our communities, we still have poor educational institutions, we still have a wealth gap problem, we still don’t own in businesses in our own neighborhoods. What is this? We have so much work to do and so little time to do it. I would contend that our State is delusional, in a slumber, but I would also contend that we will not be there for much longer.

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