The Time for Marching is Over #GeorgeFloyd

We are honestly at a crossroads in America. I know it’s an election year and I understand that these shootings become more politicized and polarizing. Nonetheless, it’s another death of another Unarmed Black Man at the hands of another White Police Officer. I’d first like to thank those White American Police Officers whom I have seen speak out against this, and many other civilians as well. Yet, I hate to say this, but it comes for many of us, as a little too late.

This has gone on for too long in America. How much longer are we to endure this persecution? The FBI statistics say that White Men are killed at a higher rate by the Police, but every time I turn on YouTube or the TV I see the complete opposite. It makes me want to question to source of these statistics. Isn’t this the same FBI that was ran by Director Comey, the same FBI that says they have evidence that Trump is a Russian spy, the same FBI that has been suspected of suppressing and manipulating information all throughout American history in order to bring about whatever agenda the agency desired. What source in America today is credible to collect unbiased data on Black on Black crime?

How do we the people even know if it even exists? Furthermore, I am just tired of seeing these videos. These types of acts never, and I do mean never happen to any other ethnic group in America. This has to stop. The price of freedom is death and we as Black Men have to understand, that we are already being killed anyway. This life is not worth living without our dignity. The Time For Marching Is Over.

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