God has returned to Fight for you.

This message isn’t intended to be a dark and gloomy one, but a message of truth, which I pray is inspirational. There’s no secret that we are living in perilous times, so much so today that we are all sitting in our homes on quarantine locked down.

The governments of the world has told us that the flu is causing this or some airborne virus but all evidence points to something else. Regardless of the plague, almost everyone agrees that there is something large at play as well.

Now all of the media is appears to be ramping up to an agenda against Black Americans, and the descendants of slaves scattered around the world. A story came out that in China today, Black people are not allowed to eat at the restaurant, a story came out the other day that Black People in America are getting sick from the “Coronavirus” and dying at higher rates than others.

So the whole world appears to be going with this agenda. Persecuting a people who were already enslaved by all nations, a people who are the poorest in every nation, a people who are already most imprisoned in every nation, a people who are already killed most in every nation. Yet, regardless of our current persecution or the mistreatment ahead. I bring good news, this Easter, God has Returned to Fight for you.

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