President Trump says African Americans built this Nation through blood sweat and tears

I stand with the President during this sham impeachment process. One of the biggest reasons I voted for President Trump was his honesty. No matter the crowd he was in front of, no matter the pressure from the media to retract statements or say things in a political correct manner. When he speaks, he speaks truth and typically for the betterment for all Americans. He’s been a man of his word so far, so his integrity shouldn’t even be in question.

He has a numerous amounts of policy achievements already, he’s stood up for years now to unprecedented bias from the mainstream media and he will soon overcome the most partisan impeachment we’ve ever witness or even read about.

History will remember this President as a Giant 💪🏾 our kids will be reading about the TITAN he was in this age.

He’s the first politician in my life time to even mention the conditions of Black America, highlighting decades of absent leadership. I appreciate him for that, as well as all his legislative achievements and I will continue to support him through all the charades.

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