Wait on the Lord

I recently have made the statement that it’s time for Black People to leave America. I went on to explain how this would be best for not just America, for the entire western world. In this video I discuss America’s original sin slavery. It hangs over her head, it weighs on many of the people here constantly and if we are just being honest, there will never be true peace and harmony in this land until it is addressed properly.

The solution is giving those who the descendants of slaves back their original homeland. Then the world will be at peace and no war no more as the scriptures foretold. The bible is clear on what will happen to those nations who committed the original sin of slavery, in Joel 3:1 and in so many other chapters it describes that God will judge those nations. I have said it many times recently, America is entering her judgement, and just like with Egypt, she has the ability to let us go, to make things right at the first plague, yet if she hardens her heart, the bible says that much worst will come. I personally do not want to see harm happen to anyone, I am only literally reading the bible scriptures word for word as to what they say.

I personally pray for the day that the world is completely at peace, but I know that it is only true justice, true righteousness to mend past wrongs and to give back the land to those who it was taken from.

Lastly, discussed in this message, most importantly, is that Black People, the True Israelite’s will be leaving America. Not on my timeline, but on God’s Time line, I give a little description metaphorically on just how God is going to practically bring all of this to fruition.

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