We Can’t Be Killed, We Are God’s Chosen People

We can’t be killed by the Coronavirus. I know, I know you’ve heard about Kevin Durant catching this virus and others. However, I know with 100% certain that we can not be killed.

I mean the true Israelite’s. The entire world knows who we are except us, the Americans a few European nations, but most of the world in 100% aware that we are the people of the book.

Ask the Russians, they will tell you, ask the Iranians they will tell you, those in India will tell you, those in Venezuela will tell you, many in Africa know, and many more. So what does this mean? It simply means if there is a God, which most of us believe there is, then We Can’t Be Killed, We Are God’s Chosen People.

The Scripture says the more they “Kill Them” the more they would multiply. That is so obvious, look at slavery, look at Jim crow, look at the ghetto, look at police shootings, look at our poverty, the more we are afflicted the more we have grown.

You will not hear this on no news media outlets, this is all facts. Black Americans can not be killed by this virus. The Kevin Durant, Idris Elba of the world are all scare tactics. Just look at the actual number of folks who have been killed, from what countries, and who are they. It is really so obvious. I can’t wait to see the hate I receive from speaking this truth.

However, in this one particular case, I have decided to wait on the evidence. The same way many Americans say when a unarmed Black Man is shot and killed by the Police. This time we can all wait on the evidence. These are only the birth pains as Jesus mentioned about. The worst is yet to come and in our lifetimes “We Will See The Coming Of The Lord,” every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. So if you refuse to repent in this time, if you refuse to heed my statements today, then no worry, we can wait on the evidence which is sure to be provided to us all soon.

We Can’t Be Killed, We Are God’s Chosen People

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