What Has Happened to Me?

To make it plain and simple, I took the red pill. There’s an old saying that if you look for the truth you will find it. President Trump didn’t lose my support, just like former President Obama didn’t lose my support. In both cases, I just learned a higher truth. My understanding of the world, the forces that humanity are up against changed.

Born a Democrat, born with a liberal ideology, advocating for progressive policies, I only did it to see the ghetto be placed in better conditions. Once I noticed that Barack Obama was not going to bring us any change, not necessarily because he didn’t want too, but because the policies he was advocating for were not going to benefit our communities. I realized I had to seek out something different. Which lead me to the Republican Party and conservatism. The values are great, freedom, liberty, prosperity and justice for all. Nonetheless, those in power and unfortunately many of those not in power, have no intentions on ever giving Black America liberty, or even allowing us to obtain it for ourselves. This is just the truth. We have all lived on this earth too long, to still keep believing in fair tales.

The bible has been around long before we got here, and will be here after. I read it for myself, studied the history, consumed myself in the prophecies and concluded who the true Israelite’s are. Also concluding that the liberty I spoke about us having will not come and will not ever be possible without God. I explain more in the video.

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