Why Do Conservatives Celebrate Independence Day but Not Juneteenth?

I’m not giving Conservatives a pass here, but I do believe there’s some truth in the statement that “Black Americans never became free after Juneteenth.” After this so-called emancipation day, by the then Democrat Slaver Masters, many Black Americans voluntarily placed themselves back on the plantation to work for those same folks who so-called freed them during Juneteenth, as sharecroppers. Then less than 100 years later blacks, with our votes, we volunteered to give those same Progressive Democrat Slave Masters control over our neighborhoods. Independence Day celebrates a day where a people became free for food from tyranny, free from the controls of a repressive Government, they became free to implement their own laws, free to police themselves (I’m Preaching Right Now).

The greatest values of Conservatism are freedom and liberty, I believe we all are praying for the day that Black America truly becomes free and free indeed, at least I know I am.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts below.

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