Black Conservative Summit hosted by Brandon Tatum & Candace Owens via Turning Point USA

The greatest experience of my life. That’s truly what it was. Something so magnificent, I’m sure my words will do it no justice.

A friend of mine posted “Wow, I had no idea, however, it must of been great being surrounded by Black Conservative like minded individuals.”

She was right.

To be Black in America, is to automatically be labeled defacto liberal and Democrat. For all the talk about inclusiveness and acceptance it’s the greatest irony that Black Conservatives are left out of that blanketed of protection and tolerance. Nevertheless, we are breaking through regardless and this past weekend June 22nd -24th 2018 marks the day of new beginnings. This is the day that the “Left” stood still. Many of them no doubt are in seriously panic mode right now.

Black Conservatives, multiple Black Trump Supporters, all with different levels of influence and reach coming together. This is a travesty for the Democrat Party, but a major win for the Freedom Movement. Truly I feel so blessed to had been apart of this event. A gathering of ideas, a gathering of true intellectuals and that were all Black.

Brandon Tatum said to me “Black Folks don’t come together for anything, not on the left or the right.” He went on to say “He wanted to create and event but much more an environment that we folks start communicating with each other, networking with one another and assisting one another in our respective fields.

I can go on and on writing about how great these men and woman are that I met. I could talk about Kevin’s Corner a man of honor. I can see why so many have gravitated to his message. I could talk the Haye Brothers they are literally the Black Male versions of Diamond and Silk. I could talk about how Terrence K. Williams kept us all dying laughing with conservative humor, David Harris Jr an his morality was felt through my soul, Brandon’s leadership, Candace’s insider information and insight. Amazing Lucas and his refusal to go along with the status quo, Will Johnson’s patriotism, Everyone brought something unique to the table, all the men and women of this event was so amazing. Hotep Jesus made us remember why we were there (Pro-Black), Megan Harris a youth perspective, Anthony Brown logan’s intelligence and Jermain Botsio’s accountability.

An let’s not forget James T Harris reminding us that there were others before us who stood alone in this movement for freedom and liberty.

Watch the video of some of the behind the scenes footage of the event.

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President Trump signs Executive Order to keep immigrant families together

Unfortunately, the President is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. President Donald Trump, on Wednesday signed an executive order that he said would keep immigrant families at the border together. Trump said the “zero tolerance” policy would continue but said his executive order is “about keeping families together while ensuring we have a powerful, very strong border.”

There was much confusion as usual from the media during this controversy. Much of the media pretended that this was a policy adopted only be the Trump Administration and not by administrations of the past. However, this policy started under the Clinton administration and has been the policy of President’s since.

Under the Obama Administration this policy was enforced so tough during his first 4 years in office that Immigrant rights groups nicknamed him the “Deporter In Chief.” It is estimated that during the tenure of President Obama more immigrant families were deported than under any other Administration in United States History.


So President Trump again breaking with precedence, did what no other President has done in almost three decades. Yes he may have gotten pressure politically to do it, but I can name a few things other administrations got pressure about and still didn’t act. The President should be commended for taking unilateral action to end something that many of the congressman Republican and Democrat whose served for many years could of ended a long time ago.

I don’t know if this President will ever get a fair shake from the media. That’s why I opened this with he is “Damned if he does and Damned if he doesn’t.” Checking the headlines this morning and of course after the huge uproar, there has been no thank you Mr. President, the media is back throwing stones as usual. So frustrating, I pray that one day we will in a world with true fair and unbiased news.

Comment with your thoughts below.

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President Trump is a Man of his word, so far

The double standard is outrageous, the negative press, and negative comments this President gets is beyond me. Black unemployment is literally at record lows, however Black Folks still complaining, still making negative references towards President @realdonaldtrump . Not one of those persons said anything under Obama when Black Unemployment was at record highs, there was rapid crime in our streets, President Obama didn’t even speak to us or about our issues. I judged every man, not by the color of his skin but by the “CONTENT” of his character. President Trump has plenty of contents with only a 1 year and half in office. Can’t say that much about the previous administration .

Also Watch – “The State Of Black America Under President Trump (1st Year)”

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The Democrats don’t have a plan, their plan is Anti-Trump, but that’s a hard sell if you’ve been paying attention!

With the drop of the unemployment rate yesterday to 3.8%, it’s kind of hard for the Democrats to make the pitch that President Trump’s policies are not working. The Democrats have yet to present one counter plan to Trump’s policies, all you hear is Anti-Trump rhetoric.

Unfortunately, I don’t give the American people much credit, especially those on the left, in particularly those in the minority community. If you go up to a random Black man today an ask him “Hey, how is America doing right now.” He will most likely tell you “America, is in the tank, losing jobs everyday, and there’s a racist oppressing us in the White House.” When all of those points couldn’t be further from the truth.

Black unemployment has dropped to the lowest levels ever recorded at 5.9%, Hispanic unemployment even lower at 4.9%. President Trump’s tax plan has doubled the Child Tax Credit (Which will benefit all, but particularly will be a big help for minorities) and the Trump administration is currently working on rolling out the Urban revitalization Plan aimed at strategically planting more job opportunities in Urban areas.

So, what is the Democrats Plan? They are banking on the ignorance of the left. They are banking on the media black out of all of President Trump’s accomplishments and hoping that fear of the so-called “racist” drives Democrats to the polls in waves.

It is really despicable, that this is what our country has come down too. Isn’t 3 million jobs added since President Trump took office, good for everyone? ISIS has been decimated under this President, isn’t that good for everyone? Mass Tax Cuts for EVERYONE, and talks with North Korea that could lead to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, isn’t that good for everyone?

I guess we can only pray that the American people vote this November with their eyes and not with their ears.

Comment with your thoughts below.

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