About Leo Dunson

I love God, I must say that first and foremost. I am a follower of the Most High God and his son Jesus Christ. I am an activist for the truth and most importantly for the freedoms of all peoples world wide. I served in the United States Army during the Iraq War. I am passionate about finding solutions that work and that allow “We the People” to live together in peace.

The Social Media Giants (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) have been blocking, deleting and shadow banning. Therefore, I have created my own Exclusive Content page which enables me to be able to “Preach the Word of God” and the prophecies therein freely.


I’ve written several Books and Music Albums, all of which are available at all online retail stores. Check them out here.

Latest News

Our Time is coming

90% of the time when you’ve heard a Preacher say “Our Time is coming” it was theoretical or metaphorical. The Preacher was trying to inspire

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