Muslim Ban Controversy (Destroyed)

My Thoughts on the latest controversy the so-called “Muslim Ban” from the United States of America and the hypocrisy of Liberal Democrats ‘The Black Trump Supporter’ In Stores Now ITunes/Apple Music: Google Play: Amazon: Stream On Spotify: More From Leo Dunson:

Yes I’m Still Supporting President Trump! Here’s Why?

Yes I’m Still Supporting President Trump. I’ve been gone for a while now. So I attempted to catch up on some of the controversies I missed in this video. If there is a certain topic you would like for me to discuss, please comment below or direct message me. ‘The Black Trump Supporter’ In Stores…

(Video) Martin Luther King Jr III Meets With Trump On MLK Day 2017

Is Martin Luther King Jr III A COON? Who will be the first one to cast the stone? The media was completely silent about the meeting between Dr. Kings son and President-Elect Trump. No one would dare call MLK III a coon or a traitor. So the media ignored the meeting as if it didn’t…

(Video) Steve Harvey Meets With Trump To Discuss Fixing Problems In The Inner Cities Of America

Is it just me or has President Elect Donald Trump actually showed a real effort in actually solving the problems facing America? He has met with business leader after business leader, you’ve heard about more jobs being created or staying in America, than you’ve ever heard about in OUR LIFETIME. Today was just another day…

Where Has This John McCain Been? Confirmation Hearing of James “Mad Dog” Mattis

Watching the¬†Confirmation hearing of General James “Mad Dog” Mattis yesterday I couldn’t help but think. Where has this John McCain Been? Not only was his opening statement¬†spectacular, but his questions and comments regarding the United States Military were 100% spot on.