There are 7 seals outlined in the Book of Revelation with the first seal being the spirit of Conquer. Look at the year of 2020 was not all sectors of the economy, all businesses, all people conquered by the same spirit worldwide? Forced to comply, forced to go along with the same agenda no matter what? That was the first seal of conquest. Then look at the second seal or the Second Horse of the apocalypse “Peace Being Taken from the Earth” and men killing one another. All reports show the homicides are at an all time high.

I have even seen some reports now saying that the murder rate is going down, but if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you know this is a lie. Everyday you are hearing about and seeing more violence in the world than ever before, this is the second seal. The 3rd seal is about inflation and Lord knows we all see that happening right now before our very eyes.

However, the greatest indicator that we are currently living through the 3rd seal is the Wheat Shortage. Go look at Ukraine and Wheat. Go look at other nations around the world and how they are suffering dramatically because of the current wheat shortage.

The 3rd seal in Revelation 6 explicits mentions a shortage of wheat and a recession following afterwards. The Book of Revelation Seals Are Opened (Watch the Full Video)

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