What is Black Conservatism?

The number one question, I get asked more than anything is “What is Black Conservatism?”

Black Conservative, the definition as taught in grade school, is in the words. Black is an identity of people in America, mostly the ancestors of slaves. Conservative is a Political philosophy or ideology mostly compromising of Limited Government, Personal Accountability, Fiscal Responsibility, Freedom & Liberty. So Black Conservatism, should be the combining of those words, a people who identify themselves as Black or African American, however adhering to the Conservative ideologies.

Take for For Example, limited Government, America is the most policed state in the world, and it’s not even close. Most of these Police Officers patrol predominantly Black Neighborhoods. Why aren’t Black Conservatives screaming from the top of their lungs about this Big Government overreach that has contributed to much of the crime, death and destruction in our neighborhoods.

Take the idea of personal accountability. Can you tell me the last time that you’ve seen a main stream, conservative in Black American neighborhoods, taking Personal Accountability ourselves for the mess that has been created by ourselves. No, most of us talk online, on Fox News, but never ever go to our people with conservative solutions.

In this video I attempt to define the concept of Black Conservatism, by mending the identity with the philosophy. Hopefully it encourages us all to do like the true Black Conservatives of past time (Booker T. Washington, Ida B Wells, Fredrick Douglass, and many others) that went before us and live up to the concept.

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