We Don’t Need Reparations, but We Need Reconciliation

When I say that we need reconciliation, I’m talking about the fact that we have money in many cases, but our Renters instead of owners, Employees instead of Employers. When I take of reconciliation I’m talking about “Ownership.”

I’m talking about the fact that it’s us who typically burn down our own neighborhoods, trash our own local store communities. Reconciliation is about the fact that it’s us who typically shoot each other at a higher rate than how we are shot by the Police.

The form of reparations advocated for currently as I explain in the video will not make us better off but in many cases it will make us more dependent on the government. The only reconciliation we need is Ownership, and I’d advocate for the same form of reparations the Jewish people got their Own Country. Land in Africa Liberia.

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